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    Excellence 2007 Banco Popular Dominicano was honored as the Dominican Republic s best bank of the year 2007 by the renowned financial magazine Euromoney Euromoney honors the best and brightest of the financial industry Regarded as the benchmark awards they are one of the most coveted prizes of the world s investment banking asset management and alternative investment professionals Euromoney recognized Popular s corporate governance headed by its president Mr Manuel A Grullón emphasizing a superior administration and performance in comparison to the rest of the financial institutions of the Caribbean and Central America In awarding Banco Popular as the Best Bank in the Dominican Republic Euromoney also recognized the institution s commitment with the use of innovative technology to promote its products and services Mr Grullón expressed his satisfaction with the recognition received by the prestigious European publication and emphasized the importance that this distinction represents for the organization This prize reflects within the globalized commercial framework the quality of the services provided by the bank the endorsement and confidence of its clients and the general public its international image of efficiency and its constant exercise of complying with the best financial practices world wide as well as its
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    Public Relations Area of the banking entity indicates that the institution s total assets increased by RD 9 981 million representing a level that is 6 above the amount reported at year end 2009 The main boost for this increment was produced by an increased of RD 7 457 million registered in the Net Credit Portfolio that is equivalent to an 8 raise with respect to closing levels reported in December 2009 Consequently the balance attained at the end of the current reporting period amounts to RD 96 813 million It is important to highlight that the Credit Portfolio reported a mere 2 16 on Overdue Credits with respect to the overall Portfolio Likewise the amount of Net Securities Investments increased from RD 15 670 million reported by year end 2009 to RD 18 329 million achieved at the close of June 2010 This raise represents an increment of 17 registered during the six month period under review Popular s Total Deposits experienced an increase of RD 10 468 million during the first semester of 2010 reaching a level of RD 144 419 million that is equivalent to an 8 increment when compared to amounts reported by year end 2009
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    that the process for substitution of checks onto the new standard format has been satisfactorily completed as at 18 August in line with the closing date officially established by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic for such purposes The Association would like to take this opportunity to further inform that in accordance with provisions set forth by the Central Bank and as an exceptional measure to assist those clients
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    directorship of His Reverend Excellency Mongseniour Ramón Benito de la Rosa Carpio During the event held at the premises of the Archbishopric of Santiago Mr Manuel A Grullón president of Banco Popular Dominicano highlighted that in making this contribution the banking institution seeks to advocate the model of financial solidarity that has rendered so many benefit and progress in other communities of Latin America and further seeks to encourage our society to contribute toward the holistic development of both our communities and residents The President of Popular indicated that with this five hundred thousand peso contribution made by our financial institution the Caritas Archdioceses project is now able to endorse one hundred new credit applications which have been submitted by individuals and families of limited financial resources residing in Santiago as well as in other communities located in the Cibao region and northern part of the nation The Entrepreneurship Microcredit Project is an endeavor initiated in the year 2006 with the objective of providing financial resources to low income families and individuals Since its inception it has improved the living conditions of over 170 families residing in the region as it comprises an important training component on self management practices that enables new entrepreneurs to administer their resources in an efficient manner while at the same time complying with the modest obligations imposed by the program By the same token His Reverend Excellency Mongseniour Ramón Benito de la Rosa Carpio Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Santiago de los Caballeros stressed the significance of the contribution of the financial institution to this project which aims to improve the quality of life of hundreds of low income families in the region Likewise Mr Juan Diaz president of the Caritas Archdiocese expressed his appreciation for the solidarity displayed by Banco Popular in
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    Bank in Dominican Republic by EUROMONEY a world leading financial markets magazine The announcement was made within the scope of its 2010 Awards for Excellence activities highlighted in its July 2010 edition In granting the award EUROMONEY indicated that this recognition acknowledges the leadership and innovation demonstrated by Banco Popular Dominicano The award is one of the most prestigious distinctions in the global banking industry Every year the magazine combines quantitative data with informed and important subjective judgements to assess major financial institutions worldwide and honors those entities that reflect the highest levels of services innovation and expertise which are considered key indicators for determining the institutional strength and quality performance of financial entities In announcing this award the prominent specialized journal highlighted the fact that the solid performance Popular is the most significant indicator given that the banking institution has excelled within a recovering market and a financial sector that portray important levels of capitalization Mr Manuel A Grullón Popular expressed his satisfaction and that of the entire staff of the banking institution for the important award conferred further emphasizing that the important support and confidence bestowed by clients from the Dominican society as well as from the international
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    and show them the sort of products that can yield the highest rate of profitability for their businesses Mr Enrique Ramírez Vice President of the International Institutional Business Area offered the welcoming speech while providing attendees with details regarding the increase of this endeavor within important stock market developments and stressing the need for the Institution s clients to keep abreast of such new trends to ensure the accomplishment of productivity targets Mr Juan Mustafá expert Economist at the Banking Institution and Ms María Angélica Haza Vice President of Treasury and Stock Markets at Popular were the main speakers at the Seminar Mr Mustafá s participation was mainly focused on economic settings Governmental debt policies and future prospects on both interest and inflation rates By the same token Ms María Angélica Haza addressed the future of stock market operations both in our country as well as at the worldwide level Speakers at the venue also included Ms María Isabel Pérez Sallent and Ms Cynthia Rodríguez Executive Officers of Popular Securities Portfolio who provided a detailed explanation of the functions of Popular s Investment Subsidiary and broadened the concepts of attendees with respect to stock brokerage accounts The Executive Officers concluded
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    thousands of women and newborn children throughout our nations communities In June 2006 Popular decided to focus its community investment efforts toward the improvement of this Maternity Hospital thereby making a donation of ten 10 high technology incubators for the Hospital s Perinatology Unit which have enhanced the Hospital s capacity to safeguard the lives of many infants born through difficult deliveries and or presenting congenital pathologies The donation has further contributed to the substantial reduction of the infant mortality rate registered at this Maternity Hospital A subsequent endowment was made in 2008 through the donation of Radiology and Sonogram equipment in addition to nine 9 fetal monitoring units Ms Gloria Mejia de Selman speaking on behalf of the Board of Nuestra Señora de La Altagracia Maternity Hospital expressed appreciation for the valuable contribution delivered by Banco Popular Dominicano She further indicated that this new chemotherapy Ward will now ensure the delivery of special medical care and follow up required by many female patients given that the ward has been duly set up in conformity with the specific characteristic that are mandatory for medical care the delivery and drug manipulation Mr José Mármol Vice President for the Area of Public
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    the premises of Hotel El Embajador in the capital city of Santo Domingo with the participation of architects Raúl de Moya and Melisa Vargas and the attendance of the authors The second event was carried out at the Julio Alberto Hernandez Hall of the Cibao Grand Theatre with dissertations offered by both authors as well as by architects Raymundo López and Eduardo Sánchez During the first venue held in Santo Domingo Mr De Moya emphasized the historical significance of the publication and its usefulness for conducting assessments on the regional architectural culture He further highlighted the manner in which the publication promotes the frame of reference of our social identity while strengthening the cultural esteem of Dominican nationals Likewise attending architect Melisa Vargas commented on some of the main features of the publication such as depth quality and relevance which definitively renders it as a new and essential reference source with respect to the architectural and cultural literature of our country and that of the entire Caribbean region As for the venue held in Santiago Mr Eduardo Sánchez commented on the academic thoroughness of the book which has been complemented with beautiful images According to the speaker these qualities endow the publication with catalogue features that display the characteristics of our popular vernacular typical and spontaneous architecture Similarly Mr Raymundo López Cordero acknowledged the study as the most thorough publication ever published on the topic of national architecture During both events the opening speech was offered by Mr José Mármol Vice President of Public Relations Communications at Popular who noted the educational value of the book and reiterated the commitment of Banco Popular in the field of education which is an important component of its agenda on corporate social responsibility The authors Victor Durán and Emilio Brea explained that the
    http://www.bpd.com.do/app/en/noticias_det.aspx?id=3049 (2013-01-03)